Love Candle


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Love Candle
Love Candle

1 Matter and Home x KORA exclusive LOVE Candle
white soy candle in round glass vessel etched with LOVE and the image of Kamadeva representing divine love
10oz / 230g
75 hours of burn time

Miranda LOVES...candles, especially this LOVE Candle created by her friend and Intuitive Healer, Holly Star, from her Matter and Home collection. Matter and Home makes each candle with the purest intention while hand-pouring into each vessel. Light our MHxKORA soy Candle to enhance your overall sense of love & balance, as the loving notes of Jasmine and Ylang Ylang dance with one another.  For an added bit of magic, each Candle is infused with Miranda's favorite crystal, Rose Quartz, known for its soothing energy of self-love and supporting Love, Happiness, Healing, Intuition. 

Etched into the glass is the image of Kamadeva, who represents divine love, while the word LOVE holds space on the other side. This Candle can be used with the intention for initiating new love, to deepen ones current love relationship, or enhance divine love with one’s self or source. Jasmine softens the heart to open while Ylang Ylang acts as an aphrodisiac and helps balance masculine and feminine energies. Rose Hips, which are ruled by Venus, are crushed and added in pure form within the candle, to help us connect with our highest integrity for partnership. Other oils and herbs are added to hold us in purity, to be in love with the world and our creation so we may celebrate it fully and share this joy with others.

Light this LOVE Candle with the intention to initiate or enhance love in partnership, or to celebrate and draw in universal love.


For longevity of the Candle, burn the Candle until the soy has melted and pooled to the edge to prevent candle tunneling. Allow the Candle to solidify before re-lighting. Trim the wick between uses, ensuring it is no longer than ¼ inch/6mm. Protect the surface on which the LOVE Candle rests. Do not burn for longer than four hours at a time. Do not leave unattended or within reach of children or pets.


  • Light the LOVE Candle with the intention to initiate or enhance love in partnership, or to celebrate and draw in universal love.
  • The glass vessel can be re-used with a votive or tealight once the Candle has been burned with love.


  • Soy Candle with Essentials Oils + Herbs. 
Love Candle
Love Candle

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