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Replenishing the skin with intense moisturization and a radiant glow.  KORA Organics oils are the ultimate skin treatment for repairing sun-damage, signs of aging and sensitive skin.

Should I use Oils if I have Oily Skin?

It’s a beauty myth that those with oily skin cannot use a facial oil. Pure, plant based oils are closest to our naturally occurring oils. Ingredients such as Certified Organic Rosehip Oil, offer nourishing and revitalising qualities for all skin types. When your skin is stripped of its natural barrier oils by using harsh soaps or cleansers, your skin goes into overdrive to produce natural oils. You can help rebalance the natural oil production and your complexion by using lightweight oils. You can find Rosehip Oil online as a key ingredient in our Noni Glow Face & Body Oil.

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The Power of Oils

Our Noni Glow oils are a lightweight blend of luxurious ingredients, including Certified Organic Rosehip Oil, Noni Fruit Extract and more. Organic Rosehip Oil has been long hailed for its ability to help soften the visual effects of sun damage, scarring and other environmental influences that can lead to signs of ageing. The KORA Organics range of Noni Glow oils are powerful yet, delicate treatment oils, rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids they deeply nourish the skin, enhancing your skins natural radiance.

Reasons why you Should use a Body Oil

Our Noni Glow Body Oil is a great way to rehydrate your skin from top to toe. The Noni Glow Body Oil, is formulated with organic Rosehip Oil, Noni Extract, Sunflower Seed Oil, Pomegranate Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil to deeply nourish the skin. Perfectly suited for the ends of hair; dry patches around the elbows, knees, back of arms and legs. Body oils are easily absorbed into the skin and help to protect and repair. You can even add a few drops to the Enriched Body Lotion to super charge your hydration.

How to use a Face or Body Oil in your Beauty Routine

The Noni Glow Face Oil can be used on its own after you cleanse, mist, moisturise. Place 3-4 drops in the palm of your hands and rub together. The warmth of your hands helps the oil to penetrate the skin. You can also mix a few drops in with your KORA Organics moisturiser. The Noni Glow Face Oil can also be applied over makeup to give your skin that extra glow. The Noni Glow Body Oil is best applied after the shower or bath while the skin is still damp to help absorption.