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"I wake up with a puffy face most mornings so i wanted to create a tool that could quickly help stimulate circulation and reduce puffiness. I love to use this together with my Noni Glow Face Oil – it helps the oil absorb deeper into the skin while also increasing blood flow and promotion collagen production. I'm obsessed!"

- Miranda Kerr, Founder & CEO

Sculpt, Smooth & Tone


I have been fortunate to travel to many countries around the world, which allowed me to see and experience a diverse and wonderful range of cultures, beliefs and practices. Throughout these travels I discovered a number of eastern remedies, including gua sha.

Traditional gua sha massages combine my favorite indulgence of deep tissue massage to first release muscle tension, followed by the therapeutic benefits of stroking or scraping the skin with a smooth tool and massage oil to expel toxins, revive the circulatory system and move any stagnant energy.

I created a gua sha Rose Quartz Heart Facial Sculptor based on this practice so I could do my own facial massages at home to stimulate circulation, reduce puffiness and to help naturally lift and sculpt my face. Each morning I massage my Noni Glow Face Oil in by performing a quick gua sha massage, but there are a few other ways I like to use my stone too.

Here are some of the other ways I use it:


After a long day I love to massage other parts of my body to help relieve tension such as my neck and shoulders if I’ve been in the office all day, or if I’ve been on my feet running around all day I love to use it after a shower or bath on my feet and legs. I also travel with it on flights and use on legs and arms to help with circulation.




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