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Do I Have Dry Skin?

Dry skin occurs because your skin is not producing enough natural oil. Dry skin will most likely have a matte appearance, pores will be small in size and can often feel tight and sometimes appear flaky. Dry skin can also present fine lines and a lack-lustre appearance. A little trick to measure your natural oil flow is to blot your face with a tissue a few moments after cleansing. If the tissue is void of any natural oil flow, you are most likely in need of topping up your moisture levels using dry skin care.

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Causes of Dry Skin

Dry skin can be caused by a number of factor such as; seasonal weather, extreme temperatures from hot baths or showers, sun-damage, medication, fragrance, stress, hormones and environmental stressors. Dry skin can also be a genetic condition. Using chemical laden products that strip the skin of its natural oils can also cause skin to become quite dry as well as over washing. It’s important to use dry skin care products that help to nourish the skin and replenish lost moisture. No only should you be rehydrating your skin from the outside with dry skin care but you should also ensure you are drinking enough water to rehydrate your skin from the inside out.

As we Age our Skin Becomes Drier

As we age we produce less collagen and lipids as we age. Lipids play an important role in maintaining moisture balance, meaning the ability to retain moisture decreases, along with collagen and elastin fibres that support the structure of our skin. When all these elements fade, our complexion appears dull and dry. Using dry skin care that helps to deeply moisturise the skin, will help your skin to appear plump, soft and younger-looking.