Stone Diffuser

The Classic Diffuser

1 Vitruvi Stone Diffuser in White
Width: 3.4" Height: 7"

Miranda LOVES... essential oils and uses them throughout her day. Vitruvi's Stone Diffuser scents your home and looks beautiful while doing it. The Diffuser is a simple and chic accessory for any room completed with a matte ceramic cover that doubles as a piece of decor—making it perfect for bedsides, countertops, and shelves.  A Diffuser is also a great way to scent your space safely and naturally. Add one in your bedroom, office, kitchen, etc. and develop your own rituals by diffusing different aromas throughout the day.  

This item is non-refundable and not eligible for returns. Discount codes may not be applied.


Fill up the water reservoir to the fill line. Add 20-25 drops of 100% pure essential oils, then put the plastic cap and ceramic cover back on, and select your time setting. For cleaning and usage tips, view the Vitruvi's full manual or visit How To Set Up Your Diffuser video.


  • Materials: Porcelain cover. BPA-free plastic water reservoir.
  • Technology: Ultrasonic: 2.5 vibrations/second. Comes with a five-foot-long power cord that must be plugged in for use.
  • Run time: Two settings: consistent 4-hour and intermittent 8-hour.
  • Specs: Width: 3.4 in. Height: 7 in. Weight: 1.1 lbs.
  • Misting output: Consistent: 1 fl. oz./hour. Intermittent: 0.40 fl. oz./hour.
  • Diffusing capacity: 500 sq. ft.
  • Safety: Automatically turns off when time is up or water runs out.


  • 1 Stone Diffuser

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