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Rose Quartz Points + Natural Sides

Love, Happiness + Intuition

Miranda loves crystals, especially Rose Quartz, which is used and infused throughout the entire KORA Organics skincare range. Rose Quartz has a soothing energy of self-love that supports Love, Happiness and Intuition. This unique polished Rose Quartz Point calls in the energy with naturally raw crystal sides that allow you to experience the highest vibrations of the stone.

This item is non-refundable and not eligible for returns.

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    • Sizes Vary: 1.5-3”w x 2-5”h x 1.5-3”d
    • As these are raw crystals, each one will be unique and may vary in size, color, and appearance—and will be meant for you + allowing you to experience the highest vibrations of the stone.

  • To cleanse + reset your crystal place it under the light of the moon. Or you can use Palo Santo by circulating the lit Palo Santo around the crystal three times.